Liberation Through Love

June 25, 2011
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When I look in on myself,
I see an empty cell,
But in the corner, a man,
Who seems to have been through hell,

Scars all along his wrist,
Cuts up and down his face,
But nothing in the cell,
Just empty space,

Huddled up in the corner,
Blood on the wall,
Bones shattered,
Fractured from the fall,

From wall to leg,
I see a chain,
These walls tell a story,
Filled with pain,

I look across the room,
In the corner, a key,
Then I notice,
The room is no longer empty,

I see a figure,
Standing next to the key,
Out of the shadows,
Steps a young lady,

Looking clean,
Long hair flowing,
She looks towards him,
Blue eyes glowing,

She grasp the key,
There’s a distant flutter,
She steps forward,
Light fills the room like clutter,

Another step forward,
A wing spreads through the air,
She reaches forward,
Maybe this life is fair,

The key is placed,
Within the lock,
It’s twisted,
With a quiet knock,

The chain is undone,
The man is free,
The cell door,
Is clear to see,

He tries to stand,
But the pain is too great,
He looks to the door,
The steps, he counts eight,

The lady kneels down,
On his lips, she plants a kiss,
His eyes open wide,
As he’s filled with bliss,

His wounds healed,
His bones unbroken,
The man stands,
After that final token,

He runs to the door,
To find it locked tight,
He pushes even harder,
Now filled with fright,

He begins to cry,
As something grips his hand,
He turns to his surprise,
To see her wings expand,

She wraps them around him,
Locked in one final kiss,
She pulls him in tight,
No chance it was amiss,

When his eyes opened,
The cell was no more,
Not even close,
To what she had in store,

When he listened closely,
He could hear a constant thudding,
The lady and his hands locked tight,
He looked around, as flowers were budding,

I drew back from this image,
To see my heart,
This man and this lady,
Never apart.

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