Healing Rain

June 21, 2011
By Anonymous

It was that moment when I knew,
My dream of freedom finally came true.
All of those years of misery and pain,
Washed away with a cleansing rain.
Thank god that man is out of my life
I can live in peace opposed to strife.
I look about as my tears fall;
Finally, we have life; the greatest gift of all.
Softly and slowly the choir sings
With every tear I feel the sting.
I can move on and forget my past,
Those painful stings weren’t meant to last.
The glorious beauty of a single moment,
Expressing my joy in his disownment.
I am my own person that’s all I need to be;
Finally I feel free to just be me.

I embrace my mom with open arms,
I feel safe from all his harm.
I look around at the rain filled sky’s
No more hiding I finally realize.
I feel safe here in this church you see.
This church removes purple stains upon my knees.
All my problems I now lay down,
Finally I will sleep safe and sound.
His fist of steel now will fade,
A safe haven has now been made.
He wants to replace this ingrained hate,
Sorry Dad its far too late.
Here in my mother’s arms I have found love,
I look up to see that spiritual dove.
My brokenness has finally healed,
A pain forever gone and sealed.

The author's comments:
Two years ago my parents got divorced. My mom knew she had to make a choice she could stay at the cost of both the mental and physical health of her children or she could leave. She spent most of the year saving her money and finding a lawyer. Last year at the beginning of September he was served with divorce papers. I was looking so forward to being free from him. There was a sense of uneasiness between my closer knit family consisting of my brother sister and mom. At mass the following Sunday we shared a moment I’ll never forget. The Eucharist was being served while the choir slowly and softly sang “How great is our God”. We were all silent. It was like we had telepathy of what was going on each other’s minds. “He’s finally out of my life! No more mood swings. No more violent outbreaks. No more covered bruises. Freedom is finally in my grasp!” As we all continued to think it started pouring down rain, and with the rain came tear after tear. Memories were flashing through our heads. At that moment I realized I am so much better than letting things get in the way of my happiness, especially not a man that didn’t appreciate me. My family gathered close and we held onto each other because at the end of all the madness we had each other to rely on. As we walked out of the church the sky was filled with rainbows. I’ll never forget that moment with my family. Freedom is the most precious feeling for my family.

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