The True....Us

June 17, 2011
By volleyballstar3 BRONZE, Toledo, Iowa
volleyballstar3 BRONZE, Toledo, Iowa
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I'm a normal teenage girl with normal teenage thoughts
Boys, friends, enemies, sports, and looks
If you would look at me or any of my friends you would think thats all we think about but...
We feel, We live, We love.
We think about all these things but also we think about...
Family, Death, and Devastation.
So, when you look at us and think "They have it WAY to easy" think again, because....
Our lives are just as hard as yours.
If you don't beleive me walk a mile in our shoes...
Any of our shoes and feel...
Just See!
What our lives really are like...
Sure we look...
Strong and Happy and Beautiful
And yeah when we get together we are but...
It's only 'cuz we know everything about each other
And that's the only time we can truly start thinking about
Boys, Friends, Ememies, Sports, and Looks.

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