I Dont Wanna

June 17, 2011
By coolcat01 GOLD, Pontefract, Other
coolcat01 GOLD, Pontefract, Other
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I don’t wanna see your eyes
I don’t wanna hear you lie
Not after you made me cry
Not after you watched me die

My heart and mind at war
My mind wants you to walk out the door
However my heart wants you even more
Where is the peace I hope for?

I’m lost in an ended love
In a life I’m sick of
This pain I suffer from is dumb
Caused my soul to become numb

I can’t keep believing
I know you are only deceiving
So why do I search for you
When I know you don’t search for me too

I hate this feeling of being lost
I hate what you took at my cost
Where are your excuses that are so witty
What am I gunna do with this heartache and pity

Help me out with the facts
Tell me what my love lacks
Do you feel regret, do you feel sad?
Well, let me tell you now it’s over so too bad

I can show you now
You act is over take a bow
You missed your chance
Now I can carry on this dance

Simple fool you are to me
You lost a lot now you will see
How I can shine even when I’m alone
I can finally show you that I have grown

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