Textbook Sunrise

June 16, 2011
It’s early evening again,
And I should be thinking of you.
But I can’t, not like last night.
I feel too sick to even wallow,
My pain slashed a bit too deep.
Run away forever?
It’s a dreamy idea.
Because of its nature,
I’ll always have my faith,
In it’s pure power.
That’s something we don’t have.
Something I want,
But it can wait.
See, I don’t know who you are.
No more than I know where the sun goes.
Yeah, I know, outer space, atoms, oxygen…
Neutrons, protons, DNA, RNA.
See, but that’s all no good.
What if we just said the sun went away
And then came back?
There’s a lot more pleasure in that statement.
For me, anyway.
Science may help you “understand”,
But why would you ever want to understand what you couldn’t believe?
If a textbook tells you,
Will you take that to your grave?
Take it,
Over the very words that have escaped my mouth,
Clinging not to paper,
But to air,
Only to be wiped away,
I love you.
No, not yet.
Next week?
Seven Years?
How about when that textbook lets the sun rise?

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