A Garden of Weeds

June 16, 2011
By Keiana BRONZE, Worcester, Massachusetts
Keiana BRONZE, Worcester, Massachusetts
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It's a disease
that will infect your body- like a small seed sprouting to nothing.
takes over you veins and find its way through your body, to your nerves...
it soon no longer feels like a virus because its got you tight...

That you can't feel the love of Christ.

It just ant right.
Got you so sick that your dizzy.
Making you think you've got light, all this time your insides were bleeding
like a bruise, that you can't see on the outside.

There was no "fight the good fight" your heart wasn't right.
trying to breathe, but it was to corrupt.
Claiming to be a Child of God, but you were to screwed up.
Because your emotions got the best of you,
and now the rest of you was coughing up...
coughing up those LA LA LUKEWARM LUGIES...

And you would have kept it up.
Yes i said you would have kept it up.
Because you didn't see the symptoms of how you were dying spiritually inside

And if it wasn't for the love of Christ!

I said, if it wasn't for the love of Christ!

If it was not for the love Christ,

I would only be surviving.

The author's comments:
This piece is about people who just live in religion and don't have that true relationship with Christ, because it is more than just following rules... and so much more.

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