The Climb to Change

June 15, 2011
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I was absent minded
my eyes were in knot
sealed tight from a blind fold
blinding me from seeing a new world
a new experience
the presences of change was upon me
and just within reach into the
small grasp of my hands
but my young mind
did not understand
the word WHY flashed throughout my mind
like sirens on an ambulance
I was climbing a mountain a mountain of change
Despite my age I reached the top
And it was at the top where I realized
In this new world no matter
The trials and tribulation
even when they have nothing
a smile dominates there face
whereas my society is like a crying baby
demanding more
I then felt change rest into the small palm of my hands
And fill within every part of me
Action and justice filled my voice
And my mind poured like a water fall into my heart
Saying it was time to
Make a difference.

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