No Introduction

May 31, 2011
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Things had changed,
Furniture got rearranged.
Not by choice

But by destruction
From the man with no introduction

He changed my life forever
At first it was whatever.
He was always there, in my home.

We couldn’t know everything,
But inside, my heart was emptying.
My mom was not the same

He hurt her in more ways than one
He tried to hide it by calling her hon
She fell for the man,
The man with no introduction

He was nice to me
Although he would never see
the pain that built inside me

When we had to hide it from our dad
More stress would only add
I grew scared of him

I only remember the pain he brought
But I can’t even bear the thought
To remember the changes that was made

I do have memories,
That will last for centuries,
And never fade away

I left my home one night
And now I sit here and write
About the man, with no introduction

We tried to make him leave
But I would never believe
That he was truly gone

He still sits here in my life
Not physically but mentally
The pain still tears me apart

He almost killed her
I try to make that all a blur
But it will never go away

When she was gone
From dusk to dawn
I worried for her safety

I thought I lost my inspiration
I hadn’t know her location
But she was with me in my heart

Then we moved to make things better
But to no shock he wrote a letter
Signed, the man with no introduction

My mom lied to us, how long I don’t know
Then one day she spilled on overflow
We finally learned the truth

She continued to see this man,
The one that ruined my life
Ya know, the man with no introduction

She needed help, we all knew that
We got together and had a chat
We made a decision for the better

We thought it would only be a couple weeks
And still to this day, I still seek
For the day she will be fixed

My memories with her will last forever
And if I need to smile
I can think of her whenever

She will be better I just know it
And this trip will benefit
We may not even remember, the man with no introduction

There is this feeling that may show
Leaving others saying “WOAH!”
I am bottled up inside

When she comes home
Those emotions will still roam
Not for long I only hope

She wants to be that person
The one that will always lend a shoulder
How it should be for a mother

She really does care
Sometimes she will even swear
But to her, it gets the point across

She used to cuss and scream
She took things to the extreme
And made me cry, but not as much as the man with no introduction

And now she’s getting help
And I just need to yelp
“I love you mom!”

There is no other emotion that I share
Honestly I swear
I didn’t know I could miss someone so much

4 months have passed
Trust me, not very fast
But I know soon she will be home

And when she comes home, I’ll be so happy
Not only to see her amazing smile,
But because I know it won’t go back to the old-style

I now know that I will never have to think of those times
The times that made that furniture rearrange
All caused by the man with no introduction

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