Love Is

May 30, 2011
By branbran11 BRONZE, Irmo, South Carolina
branbran11 BRONZE, Irmo, South Carolina
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What is love?
Few ever know of it,
possess it,
or cherish it for eternity.
But yet it seems like everybody chases for it.
So what is love?
Here's my definition:
Love is sitting on a rooftop and being able to talk about anything. Love is laying in the middle of the road together,
not worrying about a thing in the world.
Love is letting each kiss tell a story;
stories of laughter, anger, and tears,
but yet brought two people closer.
Love is having trouble falling asleep at night because reality is finally better than your dreams.
Love is risking everything to hope the person holding your heart won't shatter it into a million pieces.
Love has good and bad times.
Love takes over the mind and blinds the eyes.
Love has danger and risks,
but yet is so tender.
Finding imperfection in the most imperfect.
That's my definition.
What's yours?

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