May 30, 2011
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I lie on the wooden stage
and beckon for him to come,
to come and embrace me
though it is not long before I realize my error
I was kidding, I speak
uneasy about the maneuvers of adults
I wait too long
and he suavely lowers to straddle me
a pained flutter flits in my lower abdomen
His name darts out my mouth
in a vain attempt to rouse him
the fear, the fear is what I’ll recall
He groans and with it
I am silenced and submitted
He finds the reins and reigns over me
my body burns from the exchanged heat
Lost am I in words not uttered
smothered beneath No
i throw a reference so i may avert Him
skirt Him from getting within it
and while i wait for Him to be done,
forced giggles uprooted from my throat
two passersby look to us
and find no odd occurrence

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