May 29, 2011
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He rolls off his black bed,
She could feel him looking at her while she slept.
Bending down he gives her a kiss on the head,
Then she knew with him, there would never be another tear she wept.

He began to put on a clean shirt,
And he smiles as she rolls over onto her side.
There she felt she could never be hurt,
Because she knew he would be there with her for the ride.

She sits up and rubs her eyes, sees him and gleams.
He pulls on his shirt, looks at her and gives her a wink,
And she can’t help but plaster on a smile that beams.
She turns her attention to what she’s wearing and doesn’t know what to think.

The left over cologne still remains on his shirt which is now on her,
She wonders what happens last night,
Then she sees a heart on her hand and in the center it says forever.
Looking at him, she knows everything that happened was right.

Remembering what happened the night before,
She smiled to herself thinking it was the best day.
But then she saw him standing there and thought she could never love him more.
Because there was no one else in the world who could make her feel that way.

Lying on his couch the night before, cuddled close together,
She could feel his warm skin press up against her skin.
She wasn’t paying attention to the movie and neither was he as he held on tight to her.
His lips touched hers, to her it was so addicting it should be considered a sin.

She rested her head up against his chest,
Then he threw a blanket over her to cover her cold feet.
Soon she drifted off into a peaceful rest.
Falling asleep to her favorite song…the rhythm of his heartbeat.

He carried her up the steps to his room, up to the right,
Laying her down on his bed, he put his shirt on her.
Looking at her, he smiled and his heart grew warm by the sight.
Climbing in next to her, he took her hand, held it and wrote forever.

Now smelling the cologne, she gets of his bed.
She walks towards him and they both share a grin.
He leans in and gives her a kiss on the lips, this time not the head,
And shivers go up her spine as his lips touch her skin.

Grabbing her hand, he led her down the stairs and out the door.
Her clothes, purse, and shoes in the car, they began to drive away.
Still holding her hand, she knew she loved him more than before.
All she wanted to do is go back to his bed and stay.

His voice was the radio to her, everything he said was like a beautiful rhyme.
With one hand still on the wheel, he leaned in to give her a kiss.
But as he did, something suddenly froze time.
A car struck the side of his, because that car had a red light that they sadly miss.
Glass landed her lap, as tears began to stream out of her eyes.
In an unbelievable amount of pain, he reached out and held her hand tight.
Sirens and screams blared as she held him as his heart slowly dies.
As his hand grew limp, she prayed she’d follow him into the light.

One of her tears landed on his face, she let out a scream of pain.
Still wearing his shirt, she can remember the night before,
And she realized nothing will ever be the same,
Now, there was no possible way for her to start loving him more.

She sits now on the wet ground, where his body now lay,
Her tears wash away any mud that resides upon your stone.
Still wearing the t-shirt from that day,
She can’t believe he left her to conquer this world alone.

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