May 6, 2011
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I woke up early today
Wondering where I was going
didn't’t know what to say
didn't’t know if it was worth my time
Summer days are short
Summer nights are shorter
Every time I looked at your face
I grew colder and colder.
Tears no longer fall
Pain no longer lingers
But sleep still deprives me
Here I am still going

Somewhere only I know
Where the water flows over the rocks
Somewhere quite
Only I know where to go
Locked away in this tiny space
Throw the key and watch me fade away
Maybe I was wrong for being right
I was wrong for trying to fight, for us
What is this about?
This us?
Who decided to label me
decided to tell me I’m no longer free
Am I dieing, or being held down
I cant feel the ground under my feet anymore
And all I want is more

Home is calling my name
Like he really knows me
I’m not playing his game
I guess this means I’m going
I only ever knew who I was before you came around.
Smiles fade and people leave
The mad get worse and the smart get help
Love is just a lie and hope is for the hungry
Wishing only comes once a year, and we all wish for the same thing
Happy never shows his face and sad seems more present
Begging is only good if you have been cursed with eternal death
And praying the same
Open windows are pointless with your closed doors
Our hearts are on stakes along with our heads
And the pain has never been more alive
Slashes on our wrists like tiers
And the only thing that hurts more than being so close to death
Is you telling me your sorry.

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