Don’t Ask Don’t Tell, Well I’m Going To Tell…

May 3, 2011
By gcannon55 BRONZE, Converse, Texas
gcannon55 BRONZE, Converse, Texas
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I feel strongly for my country and the beliefs it was built upon,
Therefore, I will fight for what I believe in, my hope is not gone.
Barack O’Bama repealed an act that should have been left alone,
Yet, this one affects me, it hits close to home.

Throughout history men have done the fighting in wars and many have died,
To this fact not a soul could bide.
I am not undermining women though, for their role is the same,
But, the fact that they cannot serve infantry positions is America using its brain.

The Don’t Ask Don’t Tell Policy is over twenty years old,
Therefore my harsh words shouldn’t come across so cold.
Homosexuals shouldn’t be openly gay in the armed forces,
It looks bad upon the army and what rules it enforces.

First of all the bible condemns homosexuality,
And that should be enough to bring people back to reality.
This policy still gave them the ability to fight,
And even with this loophole, I don’t feel that it’s right.

If women cannot serve on the front lines,
Then homosexuals shouldn’t be an exception, just because of what the policy inclines.
I don’t wish to know their orientation,
For America is my nation.

And the laws and rules by which it was created,
Are still in effect, they have not faded.
The army is an upper echelon of people,
It shouldn’t allow those who are against the principles in which I kneel for at a steeple.

The Don’t Ask Don’t Tell Policy gave homosexuals more rights than it should have,
I would’ve voted against it if I could’ve.
Homosexuals do provide more service people for the army, but I’d rather keep them out,
Because the army is for excellence, and they cannot comprehend what that’s about.

Yet, with the policy in place, no one had to know, it made the world a better place,
But, now that it is repealed, it makes our army look like a disgrace.
In my opinion, the policy gave them too much, yet I accepted it,
But, now we have a president who cares more about being popular than of using

The author's comments:
The way the government is being run isn't right to me. Everybody is corrupt nowadays. Each party just needs to grow up and realize that America was built upon certain standards.

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This article has 1 comment.

SadieG.Adel said...
on Jul. 4 2011 at 2:43 pm
SadieG.Adel, Toms River, New Jersey
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im sorry, but i could only make it a thrid into the poem. it is disgusting to me somene can be biased and bigoted against those who are homosexuals. please rethink what you belive. and also, i dont think that its a coincedence osama bin laden was caught once dont ask dont tell was repealled. gays get things done!


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