Committing Suicide

April 29, 2011
By Anonymous

Feeling weak
Feeling cold
Feeling I’m on top of a mountain’s peak
All alone

With nothing to do
With no one to turn to
And with no one to hold
Just all alone

Feeling empty
Feeling down
Feeling like there is no one to depend on…
To make me keep smiling

Keep thinking of a way
To get down this peak safely
Without having to go through any trouble

All Alone
Nobody around
Feeling like I shouldn’t be here
And I take one last look around

Always feeling down
That no one was around
To understand me
And give me warmth and happiness

Nothing in this world for me to do
Not a reason
Not one
That is one reason
Why I should be gone

I am climbing down from the mountain’s peak
I slip on an edge
And I start to fall

Goodbye, was my last word

The author's comments:
I have always felt depressed, and i don't know what to do as the future comes. I always cause trouble unintentionally, too.
This is what i feel like doing.
But I'll stay strong and won't do it, :-).

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