June 6, 2011
By , bolingbrook, IL
They promised we’d always be family, but of course they broke it.
Everything in my life is broken now,
Broken heart, broken mind, broken promises, and broken soul.
The only I thing I can count on are lies.

It was a lie when they said for better or for worse.
It was a lie when I was told somebody cared.
No one ever cares about someone else.
These broken emotions weigh me down.

I’m Atlas holding up a world full of broken people and lies.
Some my own, some others, but it doesn’t matter.
It was a lie when someone said I wouldn’t be alone anymore.
And it was a lie when I said I was happy.

Lies lead to broken hearts, and broken dreams.
One minute you’re totally in love, the next you want it all to end.
Love causes misery, misery causes breaking points.
I loved two girls both utterly amazing.

But, it was a lie when they said we were just friends.
We weren’t friends, we just knew each other.
Lies turned to depression and a broken heart.
A broken heart is pain beyond description.

I could feel it the moment it was ripped out.
Squeezed lit it was being crushed, and pulled like it was being ripped out.
The moment it came out it turned to dust.
Without a heart you turn to your mind.

But, what’s the point of having a broken mind?
The only thought in it I, “I’ll never be good enough.”
Not for love, or friends, or happiness, not even for myself.
It’s just after awhile of being nobody, you cease to exist.

The only reason people knew one was my brother and sisters.
Younger or older it never mattered.
They were the cool ones and I was the other one.
I never mattered, and I never will.

My mind was broken like my heart, my dreams, and my will.
Nothing mattered anymore, giving up was all I could do.
My loneliness is a black hole no one could ever fill.
I’m a broken toy, given up by everyone when they’re broken too.

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Ventus said...
Sept. 26, 2011 at 7:54 pm

i wrote this it shouldn't be annyonmus


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