A True Promise

June 6, 2011
By ericababeyy BRONZE, Seneca, Pennsylvania
ericababeyy BRONZE, Seneca, Pennsylvania
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When I think of love
When I think of happiness
I look down at my hand
And see this beautiful diamond ring

It’s my hope
It’s my reason for holding on
And, it’s a promise to my heart

This is how it all started

He was there when my heart was broken
He was there when my world was falling apart
He was there when I thought I had nothing left

He picked me up off the ground
And looked me in the eyes
Told me everything would be okay

He was my shoulder to cry on
He was my call in the middle of the night
Just to make sure I was okay

He made me feel safe
He made me feel loved again
He made me feel as if I could fly

After everything I’ve been through
And after everything I’ve seen and heard
I never thought I’d feel happy again

I find myself falling for him
Harder and harder every day
He’s mending the hole in my heart

When I’m with him
I can’t remember all the pain
I can’t remember all the mistakes

Every couple fights
And everyone has their faults
Everyone makes silly mistakes

But when I feel like I’m losing him
I look at this promise ring
I remember what it stands for

This ring is my reassurance
It stands for our love
It stands for everything we’ve overcome

Whenever I’m upset
I look down at this ring
And I remember that he loves me
I remember that I’m the one he chose to be with

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