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June 15, 2011
I stood kind of still
Paralyzed with this thought
That what ever seemed to be
Floating around in my head was

My situations hardened
Into something like clay.
And you stick me in this
Box and we go for a ride.

The car smells like one of
Those cheap car scents
You’ve got the windows down
And you turn up the stereo
And you’ve been playing this one
Song on a loop, and its running
Through my mind, on it’s fifth lap

And I’m not thinking about
Much expect that coffee
that’s been on my mind
For the past hour and a half.
French Vanilla

I should probably get off the stuff
I heard on Oprah it’s bad for you
Or something.
But I mean bull s***, so is the rest of the
Processed crap we fill our faces with.

You drink your soda at the red light
And tap your hands on the steering wheel
Completely off beat.
You snap your gum and turn and smile.
And sing into the bottle,
Comic eyes.
Big blue comic eyes.

And in the pause between the end of the song
And the repeat you tell me
About when you were 5 and all
You wanted to do was fly.
And when you finally got up
In the air, you said you saw me
On the ground.
So you came back down.

You snap your gum and sing
Back to windshield, along to marroon 5.

“And she will be loved.”

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