Every Night, A Lost Memory

June 13, 2011
By MadiShea BRONZE, Altoona, Iowa
MadiShea BRONZE, Altoona, Iowa
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A million words wouldnt bring you back, I know because Ive tried. Neither would a million tears, I know Ive cried.

Every night, I lay here.
Thinking what is near.
Why is the world oh so cruel?
Every night I just have to stray.
Every night I always go away.
Away to a certain place, where I feel safe.
To a certain house that I can trust.
Every night a house that I must.
And every night in that house leads to memories.
Memories I must keep.
Keep locked inside my head.
My ambition that I have not fed.
That certain house I go to every night,
The owners had left it in a flight.
A flight to another town, state, and country.
Probably to forget a lost memory.
Those owners that had left in that flight,
were some what young, who had an even younger daughter.
I knew that girl very well. Another memory I cannot sell.
That little girl had a twin, but she is gone, she didn't take that flight.
That little girl who did not take the flight, died in the family room.
The rest of the family probably moved to forget their loss.
How I know this?
Because the girl who DID take that flight, was my twin.
I am a lost memory that wants to keep my own.

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