2 Sisters of Mine

June 13, 2011
Drop a rose.
Drop a paintbrush.
Drop all communication.

I know your blood doesn't match my mother's,
but couldn't we pretend it does?

Can you call sometimes?
just for me?

I know there's an ocean between us
but couldn't we pretend there isn't?

My jealousy of your alliance murmurs to me,
but I fail out of shy misery.
Welcome to the solar system.
Am I simply Pluto?

Seeing you once every 5 years,
hurts more than once in a lifetime would.
I'd give anything to be a greater part
of your lives,
but oh, this gateless fence!

are so talented that I admire every stroke of your hand.
And you,
your beauty is incomparable
to even the ripples upon a still lake.
And both of you,
have rose buds,
whom I want to spoil beyond belief!

Everyone needs a sister.
I have two halves.
And two halves make a whole,
Or is it just a 6 foot hole
for our shattered family?

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