My Schizophrenic Mind and the Powerful Green Herb

June 2, 2011
By PassionNLuv GOLD, Clayton, Delaware
PassionNLuv GOLD, Clayton, Delaware
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There is never a time when my schizophrenic mind isn't talking.
Walking beside me trying to lead or guide.
Me down the road "less travelled
Not allowing me to see my bread crumbs home.
My schizophrenic mind has me walking on top of the fork in the road
Saying f*** the world it’s you and I.
We defy all normality’s.
Never allowing a "your suppose to" keep us bound.
My schizophrenic mind and I are one.
Bound into human form only to exist in this world.
But everything between my schizophrenic mind isn't so simple.
We are more complex than the human eye can see.
On good days my schizophrenic mind and I can coexist.
It’s on the days I think I'm stronger than her that she shows her true colors.
She fills my head with what I want to believe are lies.
She distorts the truth.
And she'll trap me inside and take over.
And that’s when I'll roll up the powerful green herb
Light it until the paper turns orange and black
And puff the toxins and let them sit inside my body.
I'll let them escape from my nostrils if the herb is too powerful
And watch as the whiteish gray clouds dance in front of my face.
I listen as my schizophrenic mind screams for a way out.
The powerful herb has defeated her
She is powerless against this herb
So she hides in terror.
I just sit back and let this green herb's toxins wrap around my body.
And I relax.
No more thinking no more voices.
It’s just me and this green herb and occasionally the laughter of words never said.
The world slows down when I'm with the herb.
And the herb and I get to explore unknown worlds and swim in unseen valleys.
I don't need any bread crumbs to get home.
The herb memorized the way.
The herb protects me from my schizophrenic mind
And he clouds my eyes so there can't be any tears.
We lay next to each other and we just sleep.
And when my schizophrenic mind tries to sneak up and gain power.
I take another puff of the green herb and allow him to defend me

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