June 2, 2011
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We’re GSA and we’re here for you
When you’re at school we’ll be a family to you
Come to us, we’ll be you support, your foundation

You hear GSA
And you want to runaway
Get those stereotypes out of your head
Don’t be afraid we’re here to be your friend
If you ever need someone
We’re here with open arms
Come to us when you feel caged behind bars

If you ever need some love
We’ll give you plenty of hugs
If you ever need some rest
We have some pillows and trust me they’re the best
We’re crazy, weird, wild, and fun
The things we do are never done
If you know us, then you know what I mean

When you feel left out
We’ll show you what caring is all about
When you feel lost and in need of guidance
We will take you by the hand and show you the way
When you’re surrounded by darkness and despair
Don’t worry we’ll be there

We are GSA
And we’re here to stay
Our rainbow never fades away
You’ll it see every single day
The memory of those who died will never be forgotten
But look how far we’ve gotten
And yet you still make your little jokes
But don’t think for one second
That someone is not there
Listening, hurting, you make them fear
They don’t want to hear what you would say if they came out, they just want to disappear

Don’t be cruel
Because it’s not cool
Let them be who they want to be
It doesn’t affect you; we let you be who we want to be, don’t we?
Making them feel like they have to hide their true selves
Doesn’t make your life any better
So come on guys lets end this discrimination
So please next time pick person
Over orientation
We are GSA
And we are here to stay

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