Inside My Heart and Soul

June 2, 2011
By , Oshkosh, WI
I am from this nation’s proud military,
a son of two veteran parents
who witnessed untold death,
destruction, and
degeneration of nations.
From them I have
derived feelings of
honor and respect
for those who continue to fight today
for freedom we take
for granted.

I am from meowing
chocolate and oreo colored
furry critters
ferociously flailing in the tub
as they attempt a valiant escape
from a sea of suds and
buoyant filth.

I am from the ecstasy of visits
to my grandparents' house,
where my father first knew me
when he returned from
military duty,
and memories of sprinting amuck
through seemingly endless grass
remind me of a now
evanescent innocence.

I am from thundering rock music
and the sensation of
hammer-ons and pull-offs
reverberating within my skull-
a reliable ally
for adrenaline stimulation.

I am from the curiosity
of dismantled toys-
a childhood habit that has
remained with me as I continue to
seek what lies underneath.

I am from history-
a student pursuing knowledge
of past tragedies
and their causes
to help prevent a future
in which they may be repeated.

I am from the delectable
smell of freshly baked banana bread-
a taste blessed by God’s touch
when eaten in the
summer sun.

I am from the family bookcase,
often stealing with me into the night
an encyclopedia for late reading,
challenging myself
to brave staying
awake in the black abyss.

I am from a purple and white
stuffed animal-
a fellow who, despite
being bald from a past
of mistreatment,
remains beside me as
I drift off to slumber-
my first best friend.

I am from ingenuity,
what others would toss,
and manipulating what is
at hand
to create something
more beautiful
from my heart, a
source of pride greater
than any other.

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