To Miss Alice

June 16, 2011
By WrldDmntr BRONZE, Edison, New Jersey
WrldDmntr BRONZE, Edison, New Jersey
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Hi Miss Alice, your glassy eyes,
To your vision's reflection,
That is a world of no return.

In your unblinking orbs,
A field of void, a field of loneliness.
The grieving blackness in your heart.

You danced the waltz by yourself,
And you tripped, and fell,
But the end caught you.

It's shadows have changed you,
Your lips, curve upward,
In a clown's painted smile.

Crimson streaks run across your cheek,
Instead of your tears.
Why don't you want to feel?

The wind's singing a song,
A haunting song, strangely soothing,
Perhaps the melody of a wanted death?

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