Its This Girl..

June 25, 2011
Started out not knowing your name
I guess I was the one to blame
Guys are always suppose to introduce theirselves
but they shyness never helped
I forgot a homework assingment
asked everyone and no one could find it
I recognized you on fb and decided to ask
I thought I had the wrong person & you would just laugh
but you knew and you told me
its kinda funny what we turned out to be
bestest of friends/poke war buddies
you made class worth going to
all my bad days turned out good because of you
a look over to my left and a look over to your right
knowing you were there a few steps away sure was nice
i always loved seeing you smile
i hope we remain close for more than awhile
i've told you plenty of things the normal friend wouldnt know
the real me, i dont have a problem with you getting to know
this is pretty long but I could write ALOT more
i'll save it for the next time so everything wont be a bore
Just for you <3

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