Jittering Heights

June 1, 2011
By kkk.leung711 BRONZE, VANCOUVER, Other
kkk.leung711 BRONZE, VANCOUVER, Other
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Favorite Quote:
Are you such a dreamer
To put the world to rights
I'll stay home forever
Where two and two always makes a five

Faster than flooding;
Brighter than lightning,
The New Speedy 6000!

I earned a dollar--
A day
For my newspaper route
Six AM,
Every morning.
"My Billy used to run the route
For PEZ dispensers,”
Mrs. Huffman smiles,
I look up at her,
And tell her—
"It's for the Speedies,
Those thunder-striking sneakers!"
I wave my jittery arms
To show the stars,
And she pats my head.

The 100th day,
At 9 AM,
Passing all the houses,
Not leaving The Courier,
But my tracks,
And I stopped,
panting on the glass display,
I counted every dollar
The nice lady,
Wrapped the Speedies,
My Speedies,
I had them,
I held them,
The Speedies,
My Speedies,
I couldn't wait, to show
Mom but-
On my way home,
Swinging my bag proud,
Victor and his—
Swung my stained pride—
The metallic Speedies,
My metallic Speedies
Onto the high, black wire,
I jumped and reached,
And waved my jittery arms,
The burly bullies cussing.
Through my eyes of tears.
To knock them out
Of his hands,

Towering hands.

And now they swing,
Back and forth with the wind,
I look up,
Still waving my jittery arms,
To the jittering heights above.

The author's comments:
shoes on a wire

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