Deaths Sweet Whisper

June 1, 2011
Everyone is weak, whispers Death sweetly,
Surrender yourself to me completely.
You have nothing, you are nothing my dear.
This voice that is always there, seems so very near.
The voice can drive you insane,
It causes you so much guilt, so much pain.
You hear it every where,
Fills you with emotions you dont care to share,
You attempt to speak, but no one understands.
You try your hardest to resist Death's coaxing demands.
It laughs at your pain, smiles at your tears,
It calls your name, and says life wasnt meant for you my dear,
The voice constantly tears you apart,
Rips open the black stitches all across your broken heart.
You feel like this is more than you can take,
The voice makes you believe that everything you feel is fake,
Nothing, it says, is real,
Nobody cares about the pain you feel,
They dont care your hurting,
No one sees you are internally suffering,
You constantly fight for what Death makes you believe is a lost cause,
It wants you to act on your impulse, not pause,
The voice pushes you over the edge, and leaves you with no chance to turn back,
You have made your decision, and Death played you on the confidence you lack,
All you needed was an angel to remind you what life was all about,
To make you remember all the emotions we have to live with, not without.
I'll be your angel, I'll be your friend,
I worried about you, and I'll always worry about you until the end.
I'll guide you when you stray,
I'll always be here if you promise me you'll stay,
I'll carry you when you cant hold your burdens alone,
I'll help you when the answers you seek are unknown,
I cried on that day, I was so scared,
I thought you were gone, I thought you believed I didnt care,
I knew you were convinced by the sweet whispers of Death,
I hoped and prayed as I waited for more news, I held my breath,
You told me you were sorry, that you hoped I would forgive you,
Honestly my life wouldnt be the same without you and everything you do,
I was glad you werent taken,
My world wouldve been cracked and broken, my heart shaken,
I knew it wasnt your time to go, you are too strong,
You have a life that was meant to be beautiful, painful, and long.
You will always be the one I look out for, and remember Im always here,
I'll constantly remind you that you always have a friend near.

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