Missing You

June 1, 2011
By alexthechaun GOLD, Morgan Hill, California
alexthechaun GOLD, Morgan Hill, California
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It's 11: 15 p.m.,
and all I can do
is think about you.
I can't sleep,
even though my eyes are closed.

Minutes go by,
but you're still in my mind.
I try to watch TV
to pass the thoughts,
but your sweet face
has blocked my vision as well.

1: 37 a.m. now.
I've still got you in sight.
I start to listen to music,
but now your soft voice
is all I can hear.

Hours go by.
Still no sleep,
you're still stuck in my mind,
still stuck in my sight,
and your voice is still all I can hear
at 7 in the morning.

I never thought
I could ever miss someone
as much as I'm missing you.

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