Flower Petals and Fear

June 12, 2011
By XxLIFExX SILVER, Clarksville, New York
XxLIFExX SILVER, Clarksville, New York
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"One day your life is gonna flash before your eyes, make sure it's worth watching" --Gerard Way

The flower petals falling off their stems.
The cool yet gentle breeze follows me down.
The nearly silent rain twinkles just like jems,
Yet somehow my sadness still makes me frown
And just like that, my life begins to fade;
Into the darkness, I'll never come out.
My dreams begin to haunt me, I'm afraid.
The rain stops falling and there is a drought.
I feel as if I'm falling from the sky.
The wind is following me and the birds
And smoke alone gives me an almost high.
Not sure what I'm saying, but they're all words.
Until I'm put in the ground, I'll be here
And for now, that is all I have to fear.

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