The Descent

June 11, 2011
I stand,
Upon the banks of the underworld,
I wait,
For the other side,
I feel,
A golden coin hiding beneath my tongue,
I see,
The Ferry coming to take me,
I know,
Not what shall come,
I remember,
My crimes and sins,
I fear,

That they will come back to haunt me,
I wonder,
What the fated three will decide of me,
I hope,
For Elysian with eternal happiness,
I fear,
The pits that beckon,
I consider,
The odds of freedom,
I hear,
Carving my thoughts short,
I breathe,
A final breathe,
I go,
The time allowed has ended,
I prepare,
For my fate,
I strain,
To think of who was with me when I died,
I regret,
The rash act of jumping,

I realize,
That you can only die alone,
And no one can follow.

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