The Soldier's Perspective

May 31, 2011
By , Battle Mountain, NV
Waves lap against their boat,
As they wait in the cold.
Wrap themselves in their coats
waiting for the order to be told.

Watching all there mates watch them
Each thinking the same as the other, are we going to fight tonight, standing side by side like brothers.

Orders been given and off they go
terrifying noises all around.
Bombs exploding in there sight.
Machine guns are the other sound.

Bullets are whizzing past them now.
Dead bodies scattered free
people running for there life,
keeping quiet and out of sight.

The enemy is near,
the footsteps are loud, they will not give in
as they stand together proud.

Family in unit, brothers in blood, fighting there corner, covered in mud.

no one sees the fear in there eyes
waiting to see if its there time to die, not wanting to die this way
but no other choice is what they say.

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