Oh Sweet Hallelujah

June 9, 2011
You'll never know how much war my heart has waged in your defense
And you'll never see the broken bridges between the cracks

But i'll always know the cost upon your heart as your war spread uncontrollable
I'll know the pain in your eyes as you don't try and hide

Raising my hands to the sky singing:
So bring peace to my soul and peace to the battle grounds
Where love once grew but with sorrow it wept

Singing hallelujah
Oh Sweet Hallelujah
Till summer days burnt the mess away
Leaving ashes in it's place
A much more hurtful place if i can say.

Singing hallelujah
Oh Sweet Hallelujah
Sweep these grains of ash into something new
Creating something for you

Oh Sweet Hallelujah

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