June 9, 2011
By , Orchard Park, NY
did you fight with mommy
all the time?
Because she would defend me
when you stepped out of line?
I'll never understand
why you've never realized
that cussing out your children
just isn't right.
Don't think I don't remember
when you'd whisper to me,
"Now we're getting divorced,
I hope you're happy."
Then I would run to mommy
to tell her what you said,
but instead I would find her
nursing the bruises
that you left in places
where no one could see.
You were always good at hiding,
just like me.
When I'd curl up in the dryer
so I didn't have to see.
But one thing I've learned
is that you can't escape from words.
So while you rattled off
every profanity
told her that she's worthless,
and you're done playing her 'game.'
I felt the disgust
behind every word.
But all I could hear is
"I hope you're happy now."

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