Prodigious Musician

June 8, 2011
Prodigious Musician
An Ugly Beast hid beneath the skin of man
dressed in shining armor
that quickly rusted red.

The Creature sang a song of love,
while claws cradled It’s guitar.
one hand choked the neck
the other strummed six strings,
emitting sounds of tragedy.

The strings grew loose and out of tune.
Saturated by pain and fear,
one-by-one the Monster’s notes grew heavier.
The strings became too worn to harbor the secrets of their beatings,
in six loud snaps each deceived string broke loose.

Purposeless and broken,
the battered instrument took flight, finding comfort
in a dark corner up on a tarnished hook.
it hides, still beneath the dust,
and with each passerby the dangled strings quiver
Fearing another Beast has come
to throw away what’s left.

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