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June 7, 2011
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You hear them yell down stairs you get scared were's the answers to all your prayers you go asleep and all you have is nightmares in the morning you walk down stairs you see the clear you run or the door in to the morning light witch is so bright it feels so right you come back to life mom and dad need to learn how not to fight you look around this is your life it's a big fight so messed up so dark and dim if you ever notice it carts us away from happiest from the start to the end and on top of that some peoples minds are gold some minds are mushed up and old that golden mind of yours is good now but it won't madder when every thing is burnt to the ground smoke is all around people die children cry the firer kills us all so lets face it it's impossible for two kids like you and me to change this planet witch is so messed up and diseased it sucks that this is our destiny so how about we all close our eyes and go to sleep maybe we will wake up one day and this will all be a dream

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