Katies Poem

June 7, 2011
Katie, Katie as you are dreaming life seems seemingly dull.
But as you awake from your evening slumber you make my life full.
A day without you is a day without air, and it is my prayer for our love to share
Who would have thought that you would strike my fancy?
Was it by chance? Or was it your skin tight yoga pants?
Katie as I gaze upon your figure, not only do I think about you, but I think about how beautiful are kids are to be.
Put your diary away, let your imagination release you from your caging daydreams, and come with me and make your fantasy a reality.
As you bow your strings, I buzz my mouth piece.
As you play beautiful melodies, I play pleasant harmonies.
As you are a girl, I am a boy, but we are both people and let us play music together…. Forever

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