From a diminutive seed to a extraordinary tree

June 5, 2011
I used to be a small
A shy and awkward seed,
always the short chubby one from the group.

Whenever a hole appeared in my path,
I fell in it
like a little helpless ant drowning in a puddle of water,
I fell and fell into the abyss
never being able to find a way out
for I was far too weak.

Every time I tried to ignore the hole,
I always tripped in it
and it hurt me
made me feel like
I wasn’t strong,
I knew I could do better.

One day I realized
I wasn’t happy with who I was
I stepped out of my comfort zone
challenging myself
and encouraging myself to try my best.
I felt like someone new overtook me,
felt like a free dove
finally let out from the hideous cage.

I started to walk with confidence
and pride
for I was now not a diminutive seed,
I was an extraordinary tree.

I had grown over time,
facing difficulties,
new school,
broken friendships,
and worst of all
grandma’s death,
but I didn’t let any of it get the best of me.

That wasn’t all I faced,
I faced happy times
like making many new friends from all over the country
while traveling for debate tournaments,
going on family vacations,
and winning my first math competition.

When I saw the hole again,
blocking my path
waiting to suck me in,
I walked around it
for I was strong now
and brave
nothing could bring me down.

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