If Only I Could Paint

June 5, 2011
Last night I dreamt of happiness
And I’ve never woken up so alive.
My sheltered eyes saw
The ocean and the stars
I saw time go by but not one
Tear did I cry for a loss
Or a single regret.
I sat on the shore
Wanting nothing more then
What I already had.
But too soon my dream
Was gone along with my bliss
It was a wonderfully horrible thing
Taunting tempting and unfair
Washed away like footprints in sand
Leaving me with nothing but an
Image of happiness
Painting isn’t something I’ve
Ever been skilled at
But if I could I’d cover my world
With the colors of the sea and the sunset
I’d conceal every heartbreaking
Memory with serenity
And perhaps I could be content
With all that I am.

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