They're the Ones

June 5, 2011
I stand tall as i walk across

The bright stage. I start to shake,

But turn to look at them.

The people that raised me,

Sheltered and nurtured me.

This is the day i leave the nest.

The end of my high school career

Has finally come.

I stare into her eyes...

Those are the same eyes that

Cried with me when i was sad.

Her hands are the hands that

Enclosed mine in hers as we walked.

Her voice was the one that

Took me to magical places at night.

My loving mother....

I now see my brother.

The one that threatened

All the guys i ever liked.

He's the one that drove me

To get ice-cream cones

Whenever i just needed to talk.

The one that taught me all

The many uses of duck-tape.

Next i see my two gorgeous sisters.

They braided my long hair at night.

They did practice make-up on me

And made me look just like a clown.

The ones that held me up when i fell down,

So that i could take just one more step.

Finally i see my dad.

He has tears running down his face.

He's the only one that seems

To see me differently.

He looks at me and says,

"It seems like only yesterday,

You were just my little girl."

Now I'm finally all grown up.

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