June 1, 2011
By -LHNT- BRONZE, Fall Branch, Tennessee
-LHNT- BRONZE, Fall Branch, Tennessee
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Success is not defined by the amount of first place trophies or last place ribbons,
It is defined by what you do, how you live and who you are.
Success is not who made millions,
It is who made it and who will go far.

Achievement is accomplishment,
And how much endurance you put into your goal.
Achievement is passing the average and the decent,
And making something happen to have happiness fill your soul.

We are what and who we are as a person,
We can choose what we do with our life.
We can choose to be anything and anyone,
And become who we want to be without any strife.

Success and Accomplishment is possible for anyone
With a beating heart,
A passionate soul,
And the acceptance of who you are.

The author's comments:
It was for my creative writing class. We were writing it for the graduating seniors.

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