June 4, 2011
By justimagine SILVER, Tampa, Florida
justimagine SILVER, Tampa, Florida
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I cry for help

No one comes

I'm angry and upset

Tears flood my cheeks

My face turns red

I've fallen apart

The last piece of my broken heart

Fell to the ground

My soul, my spirit fades deep, deep inside of me

Blood oozing out my arm, out my leg

I cry in agony, in pain

I've suffered enough already,

But the pain, the hurt just keeps on coming

I'm screaming inside

I'm screaming at everyone I've loved and hated

I'm screaming at myself

For me falling apart

I've trusted so many people

Gave them so many chances

But still in return I get a broken heart

My heart turns cold

I feel no longer

My hands grow numb

The rest of me grows numb

There I am

Lying dead on the ground

There's no one around to help pick me

No one to even mourn over my death

Just abandoned by my killer

Where it will be too late if anyone finds me

because I'm gone and theres no turning back

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