Dying Pain

April 5, 2011
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Dying Pain,
How bad it is hurting me inside,
Love used to be something i believed in now its just a four letter word i despise, and i wish not to be defined.
Dying pain can lead to dying love and man oh man it really hurts.
Your heart dying slow your soul turning cold,
Never would you imagine that he or she would play such a major roll.
They had you going crazy left out in the world on your own,
They touched every part of your heart and got deep down in your soul.
Now you pray and you hope that they will not see another day to grow old. Yes your wrong just be the bigger man and just admit it,
Unlike you i have the balls to admit it!
I should have just left you as a hit it and quit it!
Instead i gave you a chance,
I seen something new in you,
To bad that now i have to dead you!
I don't think that you will ever understand how much pain and hurt you put me through!
All i want you to do is just remember i was always there for you when no one else was.
I bought everything for you!
I gave you the letter to gave to the court room to help out your case! Now i constantly wish i would have left it on my living room vase.
At the end of the day there is nothing left to say i have to blame myself for looking like a fool.
Everyone used to ask why am i with you?
I told them don't worry because I'm sticking with you. Shaking my head that's when i started looking like a dumb fool.
I used to think that everything was all my fault! Nope one day you where just dumb enough to get caught!
Some nights i will admit i cried my self to sleep ,
Praying that one day you will see the good in me.
Praying that you would come back and say that you just took a break,
Guess that was another huge mistake.
Not tonight and not tomorrow I'm done feeling and falling in your sorrow.
Black roses is what i need,
I'm serious this time i have to leave,
I'm deading you,
Leaving you in all black,
Just promise me one day you wont come back.
Hopefully this will make the pain go away,
I have already forgiven you for abandoning me!
I hope that one day you can forgive me to because i told this time im leaving im gone for good.
One day you will see how much you needed me as much as i needed you,
And when you realize that it's going to be too late boo.
So for now R.I.P !
I have no clue what happened to the old you!
Waited so long to say this last goodbye and now that your home here it goes GOODBYE!
Goodbye to you and what we had, kinda sad that it didn't last!
Goodbye to our history including our date.
January 14,2010. Goodbye to the Drying pain that is lurking inside me . Dying pain for the last time Goodbye.

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