I was a Dreamer

June 7, 2011
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When I was born, I was a peach.
When I was three, I was a sweetie.
When I was six, I was a jelly bean.
When I was nine I was an angel.
Now I'm thirteen and faced with life.
"What do you want to be?" they ask.
"I am what I want to be. I am a dreamer."
I wish i could say, but they would laugh.
So I just shrug and listen to the lecture they give,
All the while dreaming.
I don't dream of money or fame.
Or of school or sports.
I dream of love,
of music,
of laughter and dance.
I dream of a beginning,
Of a middle and end.
I write down my dreams,
on paper or the web
Sometimes on my skin.
But they don't like my dreams,
they tell me to stop.
The paper gets torn,
the websites bannes,
and the skin washed.

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SMWells said...
Jul. 1, 2011 at 12:44 pm
Oh you musn't give up dreaming! I would have dide years ago if I had to live without my dreams. My family was hard on my to.  But after a long time, they came get used to who I am, and now they've exepted me because I am aficaily an author.  Trust me, dreams are something everyone has.  Strangely enough though, most people are so scared of what evryone else will think that they don't admitt to dreeming. Dreams are a beautiful part of life, don't ever let anyone take that away... (more »)
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