June 7, 2011
So this is the dream we dreamed?
The happy ending we hoped for?
Mud tracing the tears I cried,
Your once sun-kissed hair crusted from dirt.
The cars next to us pass by,
Pretending we don’t exist.
I can’t remember what it feels like to have food in my stomach,
With a warm blanket draped over my body.
You can’t possibly remember either,
It’s been too long.

What happened to the faith we had in our dreams?
Where’s the fantasy ending we so believed in?
It’s your turn to wear the shoes,
So my socks become soaked with the luxury of those that pass by.
Once upon a time,
You told me “it will get better tomorrow.”
But we both see,
That you were wrong.
And so those words lay unspoken,
In the holes of my only jacket,
As we walk on the edge of the highway,
Knowing that tomorrow,
It still won’t be better.

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SMWells said...
Jul. 1, 2011 at 12:52 pm
I hope for your sake this poem is fiction.  But true or otherwise, poet to poet, this was an impresive masterpaice. I love to critisise, and I could find know fault. Bravo!!!!! I have to read all you've submitted, and I will. Thanks for sharing.
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