I am From...

June 7, 2011
By Anonymous

I am from the outskirts of South Plainfield.
I grew up in North Plainfield, New Jersey.
I am form baby lullabies and dressed up glam girl.
I grew up with a loving caring family who taught me everything i know.
I have two best parents that I could ever ask for.
I have two older brothers who I love dearly. I am from Barbie dolls to Justin Bieber.
I am from troublesome cutie to honor roll student.
I've always loved animals and little children very much.
I have the best supportive and loving grand-parents in the world.
I went form being a little miss goodie- to -shoes to a not so good girl anymore.
My parnets are the role models and always have been.
I went from being a shy little daddy's girl, to friendly and social teenager.
I came from active, going out, and hanging out with friends.
I came from secluded little home to a big home with a white fence and a big yard.
I love volleyball with a passion.
I am from a white pretty room full of stuffed animals to a pink room full of disorganized papers.
My house is always full with all of my family members.
Theres always a wonderful smell in the house and great food to eat.

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