June 7, 2011
By haquearsh GOLD, Elizabethtown, Kentucky
haquearsh GOLD, Elizabethtown, Kentucky
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Favorite Quote:
"Now a soft kiss
Aye, by that kiss
I vow an endless bliss."
-John Keats, Endymion


Dripping in silver sunlight;
An aesthetic anesthetic,
That washes over a numbing grey
That’s too nervous to take a stand
Of black or white ray,
The moon reflects
The brightness of each passed day
Since the glow of your eyes was lost,

The waves speak the language of my muse
With crashing whispers that hold a cry
Neither desperate, nor desolate
But as a shivering adolescent sighs
Calling to me
As she once had,
With petulant but amusing lies,

Rushing with cascading arms and closed eyes
I meet her sparkling face
Hoping to quiet her shakes with a warming embrace,
Only to find that she’s been broken
Into a shapeless statue; soft and unlaced,

I screech in silence
Collapsing beneath my begotten gods
Hands digging for memories
Until her tears fill the hollows;
She’s lost her body, but not her life,
And as she molds her cheeks upon my palms
I press them upon mine,
Before they go falling back to thine,

In the absence of rain
That Gaia once gave
For no more
Than our childhood play
You’ve now become of her
And instead lent me waves
For the easing of my pains,

With your tears and mine
Streaming upon this façade
Of a familiar stranger’s face,
I begin to sculpt back
The love I once knew;
From the tender arch of your heel,
To the winding spiral of your spine,
To our scars and dreams and memories,
To the secrets once held in your lips
And the blushing romance in your cheeks,
To the final touch,
Of a sparkle return to your eyes
From the smiling crescent in the sky,

For one last night
I hold you mine again
Smoothly sliding upon your shoulder
Feeling we were never wrong
And that though we had our shadows
Our light still lit the room;
There is no apology in my grief
Only the sorrow of a chapter ended
And the hushed joy of having penned
The perfect unwritten story.

But as my eyes begin to flick
From fading memories to dreams,
I roll in defeat to see above me
That same sparkle in Orion
Winking to me,
As to some solemn sweet…

And as I wince awake
In the blinding fury of a new born sun
I see that she too has rolled over
Laying upon me once again
So for one final time
I hug her by holding myself
Before letting her fall
Back to those smiling sands
Leaving me still one last whisper
That “I’ll always be in your hands.”


The author's comments:
A piece on death of all kinds; relationships, people, childhood and all, written the morning of my eighteenth birthday.

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