A Nightly Journey

May 29, 2011
By hzhou1235 BRONZE, Canton, Michigan
hzhou1235 BRONZE, Canton, Michigan
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Once upon a silent night, when daytime creatures froze with fright,
I opened my eyes without a sound, no other creature was around.
My shriek rang out in the world void of light, alone in sound, alone in the night.
Claws clung to the cave roof, perched upside down,
If I were smiling, portrayed was a frown.
With wings spread wide and ready to explore,
I glided out the cave and gave out a roar,
"I will be free forevermore!"

Flapping furiously through the night sky,
I spied a slumbering boar, sprawled across the grassy floor.
A mouse scampering throughout the mounds of soil,
A few worker ants, working the night shift to toil.

A lonely mole, burrowing under doles of earth,
A pearl enveloped by clam, not knowing its worth.
The clam occasionally opens, tasting the water,
But the pearl stays nested, forevermore.

Above the bushes I freely soar,
Til' I land on a berried bush, berries galore!
Sighting a plump one, my lip corners turn upward,
My teeth puncture my sweet juicy supper.

Every night it must be this way,
Until the morning of the next day.
Every night I soar alone,
Every night, forevermore.

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