So what?

June 6, 2011
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So what if I have a strange sense of humor?
Where’s the fun without it?
So what if I'm overweight?

I’m not starving myself just to look good.
So what if my hair is untamed and frizzes easily?

I’m not trying to impress anyone.
So what if you think I’m ugly?

God made me this way for a reason.
So what if you think I’m weird for going to church?

I don’t try to talk you out of your religion. Don’t talk me out of mine.
So what if I like writing better than talking?

Speaking lasts a moment but printed words last a long time.
So what if I pronounce my words oddly?

It makes me unique.
So what if I shake my hand when I’m thinking?

Everyone has their habits.
So what if you don’t like me?

Not everyone will.
So what if I don't try to be one of the popular girls?

I like having friends I like instead of those who improve my reputation.
So what if I sit alone at lunch or with ‘That ugly girl who walks funny’?

I like my solitude. And have you ever talked to her?
So what if you don’t like the things I say?

I like the First Amendment
So what if you sneer or make fun of me?

I honestly find it funny, watching you try to get a reaction out of me.
So what if I don’t have as many friends as you online?

I don’t add people in my math class who I have never talked to.
So what if I’m epileptic?

I can’t control my genetics.
So what if I don’t have an I-pod?

Ever consider I don’t want one?
So what if you think I’m stupid?

Knowing everything about celebrities doesn’t make you smart.
So what if I used a word you don’t know?

You probably know words I don’t.
So what if I don’t have my phone out during class?

I listen and finish the homework before the bell.
So what if I’m different?

Ever think I like it that way?

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