The Scarlet City of Iz

June 6, 2011
Iz seems to hate me quite a bit.
I make a mistake, she has a fit.
And if I do something she doesn't like,
She gets angry and pulls out her knife.
She's threatened me more than one time.
It pains me to think she might take my life.
But in the end she settles down,
And pretends she wasn't out of bounds.
Sometimes when I am just around,
She turns to tell me I'm not allowed,
To be in the same room as she.
I don't know why she's mean to me.
My mother says be nice or else.
Iz spends most time all by herself.
She tries to manipulate what we think.
She imagines us the weakest link.
She cuts herself to get attention,
I have to pretend that no one mentioned,
The details of that day to me,
Or I would be her enemy.
Iz dyes her hair a vibrant red.
I know bad thoughts run through her head.
What I am saying is that I live,
In the scarlet mind of Iz.

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