never ever

May 5, 2011
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I never said you never meant anything to me.
You meant everything I ever wanted in a person.
But now I have a reason.
Please, leave me be.
I cant take how much I want for us.
How much love is there.
And how bad I needed to always control it
But knowing I never could.
Is this understood.
I don’t want to throw it all away.
But we need to go our separate ways.
I couldn’t control What I would feel like everyday
I cant hold back the tears,
But I know I don’t deserve to feel like this anymore
IM already tore
And im not sure I can be healed other than by you.
Im sick of thinking its you.
Theres no one else.
That I revolve around you.
My life is lived for you.
I need to let go and leave you be
Because im sick of thinking I don’t need anything but you and me.
It drives me crazy some time
I don’t know what to do with myself.
So im trying to help.
IM doing the only thing I think that would help
Im leaving.
You mean way to much to me to keep feeling the way I do.
I love you
It just hurts too much now
That I cant control what I do
What I say
About you and me anymore.

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