this time around

May 5, 2011
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(This time around)

*As I spend time with you-
And I mean, just m and you
The more I happen to fall for you.

As time goes be-
I notice, I haven’t spent all of mine with you.
And I notice the more I don’t-
The more I want to.

This may be to early-
But I need to tell you now
How much I really love you.

Do you know how much I think of you-
Or how bad I hated not to be with you-
Tho now that I am,
Im not going to leave.
Because well, I want to spend forever with you!
And I just hope you feel this way too!

But do you know how much I really care?
How much I love knowing I have you now…
And im not letting you go,
This time around.

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